Flying UFO Ride for Sale

Flying UFO ride is also called Flying disco ride, magic bowl ride, UFO ride. It is very popular and always used in the amusement park, theme park, carnival and scenic spot. UFO ride is one of the thrilling amusement park rides that combines the speed, height and slope, which is well welcomed by both kids and adults.

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BESTON Amusement Disco Ride for Sale

Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFU-24A
Capacity: 24 persons
Area: 30*14m
Height: 8.5m
Voltage: 380V
Power: 30kW
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UFO carnival ride belongs to the track amusement ride. It is famous for its special design and entertainment function. There is a long track with semi circle shape or wave shape, on which a big turntable slides. There are 24 motorcycle seats on the turntable. When people ride on it, just like they are riding the real motorcycle, really an exciting experience.

How does a Flying Disco Ride Work?

The flying disco ride has several main parts, that is the track and support, turntable and control system. When the equipment does not work, the turntable stays at the lowest position and central point of the track. When starting the amusement disco ride, the giant turntable will rotate back and force on the long track repeatedly, until move up to the top point. At the same time, the disco turntable will rotate in 360 degree by itself.

Riding on the carnival disco ride and sliding up and down quickly, passengers will feel they are on the roller coaster. Sometimes they are rushing to the sky, sometimes they are rushing down, it surely will bring you both crazy and happy experience.

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best ufo carnival ride for sale
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Special Features of BESTON UFO Ride for Sale

1. High quality material. The track and supports are made of thickened steel material, meeting the national standard. And the disco turntable material is mainly made of the high quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). The whole equipment will be more stable and durable with such material and structure.
2. Competitive price. BESTON has its own factory and workshop, and all the products are produced and installed by our own. We have cooperated electrical item suppliers to provide us the good quality parts. And we also make the fiberglass tooling by our own. So we are able to support our customers with competitive price.
3. Bright color. The whole equipment can be painted in several colors with better colour assortment, which makes it more bright and attractive at first sight.
4. Multi-function. The UFO ride is installed with MP3 player, can play music. On the track and big turntable, there are many beautiful colorful lights, more brilliant when you look in a far distance. The seats design simulate the real motorcycle, which is so cool when ride on.

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BESTON Magic Bowl Ride Manufacturer

BESTON amusement rides company is the top manufacturer of disk’o rides, kiddie rides, family rides, thrill rides and other amusement park rides in China. Established in 2013, BESTON has exported many carnival rides to more than 80 countries in the past few years. And it has won many reputations from government and recognition from most of our cooperated customers. 80% of our customers would like to place repeat order and establish long term business relationship with BESTON and introduce their friends to us. Except above, BESTON has set up offices and warehouses at Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Romania, and is planning to develop new office at Germany. Our mission is to build a better life for human and society through innovations and services.

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Why Choose BESTON?

For the amusement rides, there are many suppliers and manufacturers in China. But you will get different products with different prices in different factories. What benefit and support you can get from BESTON? And why choose us? Here we will list some of our outstanding advantages to prove we are the trust worthy manufacturer for you.

1. We are the group limited company, and have our own sales department and factory. Our products range from amusement rides, mechanical equipment to environmental protection equipment, which can meet your multiple demand.
2. For our customers, we provide one stop services. From inquiry, product design, production, transportation, installation, customs clearance, park design guidance, to after sales service and business operation analysis, all we can help.
3. Supporting customization on products. No matter whether design, color, lights or size, we can try our best to make it according to your special demand and provide you the featured products.
4. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) starts from only one set, you do not have to worry about order quantity. Surely mass order is preferred, and it can also reduce cost for both our sides, to ensure your benefit.
5. Good quality guarantee. On all the products, BESTON would like to use the brand electrical parts, high quality steel which meet national standard and thickened fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). We take strict control on production workmanship, quality inspection and product safety. And all the efforts are supporting on good quality guarantee.
6. Fast delivery. In our factory showroom, there are many ready goods available, they are totally new rides. When customers visit our factory and want to order the equipment, we can arrange goods delivery in very short time.
7. Protective package. The big equipment will be deliveried and shipped after dismantled. For the fiberglass parts, we will use the bubble foam to pack well first, then pack with wooden case, to avoid any damage. And for the steel parts, bubble foam or sponge will be used for better protection.
8. Flexible payment method. For the payment method, we can accept both telegraphic transfer, L/C or payment online. And if you have any other payment requirement, we can try to apply with top management and to give you the support.

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How to do Normal Check and Maintenance on BESTON Amusement Disco Ride?

About the amusement park flying UFO ride, BESTON can provide one year warranty on the whole equipment. If there is any problem during the warranty period, please feel free to contact us, and our after sales engineer will give you analysis and solution in time.

But how to do the normal check and maintenance in daily use? It is also very important to extend service life of the equipment and make sure safety of passengers. Here are some suggestions for your reference and attention.

1. Please do a trial run for half an hour before formal operation.
2. To check the safety handrail and safety pressure bar.
3. To check the pin roll and screw bolt connection.
4. To check the driving system.
5. To check the track and upright post.
6. To check the wheel and gearing.
7. To check the electrical system.

Above are some main points which need your special attention in normal use. You can do check daily or weekly or monthly according to the real condition.

Please feel free to contact us! We promise the quickest response within 24 hours: