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BESTON is the professional amusement rides manufacturer in China. It develops and produces various amusement park rides in large scale sizes, medium sizes and small sizes. The major rides include carousel rides, self control plane rides, train rides, water rides, swing tower rides, bumper cars, Ferris wheel, pirate ship rides, roller coasters, inflatable rides, naughty castles, and other family rides, thrill rides, kiddie rides, etc.
amusement park motorcycle roller coasters for sale

Thrill Rides for Sale

Thrill rides are very popular and common to be seen in the amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds and carnivals. It ...
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best sale amusement park swing ride for sale

Carnival Rides for Sale

Carnival rides are one of the most popular and necessary elements of a carnival (which is also called travelling carnival ...
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amusement park worm roller coaster for sale

Kiddie Amusement Rides for Sale

Kiddie amusement rides, as its word meaning, they are mainly designed and played by kids. Normally they have small sizes, ...
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amusement park ground grid electric bumper cars

Indoor Amusement Rides for Sale

Indoor amusement rides, obviously, they are mainly for indoor use, and loved by both kids and adults. Certainly, there are ...
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Amusement rides are very common and are popularly accepted by people in nowadays. When we go to the amusement park, theme park, carnival, funfair or indoor amusement center, we can see there are many kinds of amusement park rides available.

As the lives and economic level of people are getting better and better, more and more people would like to spend money and time for relaxing and enriching their social life. Especially when weekends and holidays come, many parents will take their children to the fairground, to play with their friends or family members. Playing amusement rides is also a good activity for family members and friends to enjoy the happiness together.

Amusement Ride Manufacturers

BESTON Group has devoted to design and produce amusement park facilities for more than 5 years, and it has its own sales offices, factories, warehouses and logistic companies. Currently, BESTON has more than 300 staff and 3 overseas offices and warehouses at Pakistan, Uzbekistan and German. Each year, our business partners and customers numbers are increasing quickly, and our business range is also enlarging in very fast speed all over the world. Its goal is to become the top 100 best amusement rides manufactures in the world, and give customers best services.

new model roller coaster with four rings

Roller Coaster for Sale

Roller coaster is one of the most popular and thrill amusement rides, which is well welcomed by both kids and adults. Roller coaster ride is always used in the theme ...
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Best Amusement Disco Ride for Sale

Flying UFO Ride for Sale

Flying UFO ride is also called Flying disco ride, magic bowl ride, UFO ride. It is very popular and always used in the amusement park, theme park, carnival and scenic ...
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theme park breakdance ride for sale

Breakdance Ride for Sale

Breakdance ride for sale is one of the popular amusement equipment in Beston company. It features on its attractive appearance, colorful style, and gives the riders thrill experience when playing ...
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good quality giant frisbee for sale

Pendulum Ride for Sale

Pendulum ride is a large-scale amusement equipment, which belongs to the thrilling ride. It is very common in the major amusement park and theme park. The pendulum swing ride is ...
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new model pirate ship ride for sale

Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

Pirate ship ride is also called as swing boat or viking pirate ship, and it is often seen in the playground, amusement park, theme park, carnival or funfair. Pirate ship ...
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best quality ball slingshot ride

Slingshot Ride for Sale

Slingshot ride is a large and thrilling amusement equipment. It is also called human slingshot bungee ride, ball slingshot ride, rocket bungee, and bungee slingshot. The slingshot thrill ride is ...
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popular chair swing ride with lighting for sale

Swing Chair Ride for Sale

Swing chair ride is also called the flying chair, spinning swing ride, wave swinger ride, chair o plane for sale, yoyo swing ride or swing carousel. It belongs to the ...
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popular swing tower ride for sale

Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Swing tower ride is a newly developed large amusement thrill ride, which belongs to the flying tower. Passengers sit on the chairs which are hung on the giant stride by ...
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buy Space Travel Thrill Ride For Sale in Beston

Top Spin Ride for Sale

Top spin ride has another name of space travel ride, it is a large-scale and stimulant amusement ride. This equipment runs around the horizontal axis and rotates around the entire ...
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popular kiddie miami ride for sale

Miami Ride for Sale

Miami ride is a new type of amusement equipment, which is very popular among kids and young people. It has a long seats with several small seats in a line ...
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amusement park tagada ride for sale

Tagada Ride for Sale

General Introduction of Tagada Ride for Sale Tagada Ride for sale is a kind of very common and special amusement equipment. Most of the large fairground, amusement parks and theme ...
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new design liberty music bar ride for sale

Liberty Music Bar Ride for Sale

Liberty music bar ride is a very new developed amusement park equipment in Beston. From the appearance, it looks a little similar to the breakdance amusement ride, but different on ...
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In BESTON factory, there are 3 production workshops, two showrooms and two painting rooms. In the showrooms, you can see our new amusement rides for sale, and the hot selling park rides. We also have VR games available for you to try one by one. No matter you want indoor rides or outdoor rides, you can find them in BESTON. Even we don’t have the ready ones, we can customize them based on your personal demand and using occasions.
88m skyview ferris wheel for sale

Ferris Wheel for Sale

Ferris wheel is a large wheel-like mechanical amusement equipment, and it is always used in the large amusement park or ...
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hot sale merry go round for sale

Carousel Rides for Sale

Carousel rides are the most common and popular amusement park rides, and they can also be seen in outdoor square, ...
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good quality dodgem bumper car

Bumper Car Ride for Sale

Bumper car ride is one of the kiddie rides, and it can be seen almost in every amusement park or ...
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walking robot ride with golden color

Kiddie Robot Ride for Sale

Kiddie robot ride is also named as iron man ride, because its appearance just looks like the iron man. It ...
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good quality kids excavator for sale

Kids Excavator for Sale

Kids excavator is a kind of popular amusement rides, which is mainly applicable to parks, squares, playgrounds, shopping malls, experience ...
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purple color le bar car ride for sale

Le Bar Car Ride For Sale

Le bar car ride is a a kind of very popular new amusement ride, it is also called as happy ...
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amusement park mini flying car ride for sale

Mini Flying Car Ride for Sale

Mini flying car ride is also known as the happy flying car ride. It is one of the very popular ...
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amusement park sliding worm roller coaster for sale

Mini Roller Coasters for Sale

Mini roller coasters are similar to the thrill roller coasters, but smaller in size and more suitable for small kids ...
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Amusement park octopus ride for sale

Octopus Ride for Sale

Octopus ride for sale is one of the popular amusement park rides of Beston company. It is made in the ...
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cheap elephant track train for sale

Ride on Train with Track for Sale

Ride on train with track is also called rideable electric train, mini train ride or backyard train. It is usually ...
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theme park samba balloon ride for sale

Samba Balloon Ride for Sale

Samba balloon ride is a one of the classical amusement park equipment. Its standing feature is the combination of the ...
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good quality plane amusement rides for parks

Self-Control Rides for Sale

Self-control rides are one of the most popular amusement park rides. As the word meaning, it is a kind of ...
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fairground tea cup rides for sale

Tea Cup Ride For Sale

Tea cup ride for sale is a kind of new designed spinning funfair rides in BESTON. It is composed of ...
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good quality electric trackless train for sale

Trackless Train for Sale

Trackless train is always used in the shopping mall, theme park, amusement park, zoo and tourist attraction. People can sit ...
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inflatable bumper cars for sale

Inflatable Bumper Car for Sale

Inflatable bumper car with bright color and unique sculpt is one of the most popular dodgem cars in the world ...
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Amusement Park Equipment Prices

As there are many types of amusement park equipment with different specifications, the prices will be not the same. Welcome to search and scan BESTON website to send us inquiries or visit our factory to get best price of each product. Some rides prices are higher, and some rides prices are lower, because they have different sizes and structures. Most of the amusement rides are made of high quality FRP and steel materials, which make the equipment more durable and reliable. Once getting your inquiry, our sales manager will contact you to provide more details of the rides, and to know well your demand. According to your order time and quantity or your project status, BESTON will try to give you great supports and best prices with good quality.

Development of Amusement Rides in China

Amusement industry starts late in China, before the 1980s, there are almost no modern and large-scale amusement facilities in Chinese market. Along with people’s gradually pursuing of the amusement activities, and development of the national economy, the design and production of large amusement equipment come into being in our country.

With the progress of technology, the amusement facilities are constantly improved from the design to the manufacturing level. There are more and more different types of amusement park rides available, from rotating type to gliding type, from powered type to unpowered type, from stationary type to mobile type, from the ground to the air, from indoor rides to outdoor rides, from simple type to integrated type, and all these are changing rapidly to meet customers’ different demands.

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Safety Standard of Amusement Equipment

About the amusement equipment, safety is the most important aspect to consider, both for the manufacturers and customers. There are some standards of the amusement park items that you can take reference.

  1. All the seats or parts that load the passengers have to be equipped with insurance measures, and the whole structure should be solid and reliable.
  2. The number of steel ropes or chains used for hanging passengers must not be less than two. In case of one rope breaks, the others still can keep balance.
  3. No matter whether it is enclosed cabin or unenclosed cabin, at each door of the cabin, it has to be equipped with locking latches, to ensure passengers’ safety when they are sitting in it.
  4. If the power supply suddenly loses power or the equipment fails when the amusement ride is in operation, which endangers the safety of passengers, an automatic or manual emergency parking device must be provided.
  5.  All the park rides have to be equipped with protective devices, for example, the seat belt, safety pressure bar or lever, in case of the passengers will be thrown out or hurt during riding the equipment.
  6. Exit and entrance should be set at the safety fences, and it is better to install the guide fences at the entrance. At the platform, there should be the anti-skid measures.
  7. All the amusement equipment have to mark the loading capacity, and it is forbidden to do overload running.
  8. Exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, and dangerous protrusions are not allowed where passengers can touch.
  9. There should be the obvious safety signs on the amusement items. Safety signs are divided into four types: prohibition mark (red), warning mark (yellow), instruction mark (blue), and warning mark (green).

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