Beston Amusement Park Rides Installed in Kazakhstan

Congratulations! In January 2021, a customer from Kazakhstan bought a carousel ride, swing chair ride and frog drop tower ride from Beston Amusement. Nowadays, these amusement park rides have been installed in local square.

Beston Frog Drop Tower Exported to Kazakhstan
Beston Frog Drop Tower in Kazakhstan

Beston's Swing Chair Ride Sold to Kazakhstan
Beston’s Swing Chair Ride Sold to Kazakhstan

Carousel Ride Exported to Kazakhstan
Carousel Ride Exported to Kazakhstan

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How Did Our Customer Find Us?

After getting land, the Kazakhstan customer decided to buy some popular and profitable amusement park equipment to boom his business. Therefore, he searched in Google and collected and compared many fairground rides of different companies. Then he sent inquiry to some amusement park rides manufacturers, including us.

After getting his quote, our sales manager introduce the characteristics of our products and advantages of our company. Finally, the Kazakhstan customer choose Beston and buy a carousel ride, swing chair ride and frog drop tower from us.

Why the Kazakhstan Customer Choose Beston?

Considerate Services. The first reason that he choose Beston is because of our comfortable and considerate services. Our sales manager told him that we are able to provide him with services like one-year warranty, installation guidance, real time online guidance and regular return service, etc.

Beston Amusement After Sales Team
Beston Amusement After Sales Team

Reliable Manufacturer. Secondly, the customer learned our company’s history and strength, which is quite reliable and credible. And we are able to provide him with high quality and attractive products.

Reasonable Price. Finally, the price of our fun fair rides is quite reasonable. Since we have our own factory, we are able to provide our customer with most comparative price.

Feedback of the Kazakhstan Customer

According to our customer’s feedback, the three high-quality and interesting amusement equipment attract many visitors, especially families, which also wins the high evaluation of the Kazakhstan customer.

As a traditional theme park ride, carousel ride has brought many profits through several months’ operation. According to the feedback of our customer, the carousel ride attracts many kids and couples, and also has a high attendance. Unlike carousel ride, the swing chair ride is the first choice for thrill seekers, which is extremely popular among teenagers and adults. Additionally, the frog drop tower attracted plenty of children as well. The frog drop tower gives them a riding experience like drop tower.

Choosing Beston means choosing success. Beston is always here and is willing to provide the most suitable and competitive products for you.

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