Beston Bumper Cars and Rocking Tug Ride Were Put into Use in India

Good news! One of our Indian customers purchased our battery operated bumper cars and rocking tug ride in March 2021, which have been put into use for several months. The reason that he bought bumper cars and rocking tug ride is to build his indoor amusement park in India, which has attracted plenty of local people and made initial success.

Beston Bumper Cars Sold to India
Beston Bumper Cars Sold to India

Beston Rocking Tug Ride Exported to India
Beston Rocking Tug Ride Exported to India

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Trading Process of Bumper Cars and Rocking Tug Ride

In Feb, 2021, the Indian customer browsed our company’s website and sent an inquiry to us. After getting his mail, our e-commerce employee forwarded his message to our responsible sales manager.

The customer told our sales manager that he want to buy amusement park bumper cars and rocking tug ride for his indoor amusement park. But he didn’t know what type of equipment is suitable for him. After knowing his basic requirements, our sales manager recommended battery operated bumper cars and our new rocking tug ride to him.

After receiving his advance payment, our sales manager contact the shipping and delivered the products to him. Once received those amusement equipment, the customer installed them in his indoor park under the guidance of our engineers.

After Sale Service that We Provide

Customization Service. After knowing our customers’ demands, we customize the color and style of our bumper cars, which makes them extremely attractive.

Online Installation Guidance. Before the shipment, our after-sales person has sent installation manual, pictures and videos to our customer. Then our professional engineers provide real time online installation guidance to our customer, which helped him finish the installation successfully.

One-year Warranty Service. We provide our customer with one-year warranty, which guarantee the right of our customer and ensure the normal operation of our products.

Beston Amusement After Sales Team
Beston Amusement After Sales Team

Feedback From Our Indian Customer

According to our customer’s feedback, he is quite satisfied with our bumper cars and rocking tug ride because of their high quality and attractive appearance. He has told us that the battery power bumper cars are very popular among his indoor amusement park rides and attract Indian visitors of all ages. Many parents take their children to have a ride, which brings many benefits to him.

Additionally, the rocking tug ride is also much favored by teenagers, especially boys, which brings them a totally different experience.

Operation Video Took by Our Customer

Accordingly, the Indian customer took videos of our amusement equipment in his indoor playground and expressed his recognition of our bumper cars and rocking tug ride.

The huge success that the customer made is not a coincidence. It comes from his wise decision and choice. If you want to be as successful as him, you can contact us and we will give you the most proper advice.

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