Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride for Sale

What is Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride for Sale?

Flying squirrel rescue ride is a newly developed amusement equipment by BESTON. It can be played by both kids and adults, especially fits for parents to play together with their kids. With many cute animals style and candy color, it becomes the most attractive ride at the fair. And by the way, it can also be set at the fairground, amusement park, theme park, square area etc.

new design flying squirrel rescue ride for sale
BNFS-32A flying squirrel rescue ride

Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFS-32A
Capacity: 32 persons
Area: 13*13m
Power: 15kW
Height: 5.3m
Voltage: 380V
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Flying Squirrel Rescue Rides Manufacturer

BESTON company is a reliable and professional manufacturer and supplier of various amusement park rides in China. We specialize in design and producing tons of theme park rides, ranging from thrill rides, such as roller coasters, slingshot rides, kamikaze rides to classic carnival rides and family rides, like Ferris wheels and self control rides. Except those, we also have attractive kiddie rides and indoor rides, for example, the kids excavator rides, small pendulum rides, kiddie robot rides, mini swing rides, etc.

Quality is our value, we always pay much attention on the product quality. Our products have been sold to many countries all of the world. We also have overseas offices and warehouses to provide our customers best services in time. As for the squirrel rescue ride, it is one of our innovative items this year. Welcome to send inquiry or contact us if you have any questions about it.

popular rescue flying squirrel ride for sale
BNFS-32B flying squirrel rescue ride

Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFS-32B
Capacity: 32 persons
Area: 13*13m
Power: 15kW
Height: 5.3m
Voltage: 380V
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Origin of Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride for Sale

About the flying squirrel rescue amusement ride, there is an impressive story. At Tibet of China, the bald eagles are rampant in large numbers. They are so ugly and fierce, and feed on small animals. One day, the little squirrel’s parents went out to look for food, and left their kid at home alone. The evil bald eagle found the little baby and planned to eat it. But at that time, little squirrel’s father back and found the vulture. So he assembled a large number of squirrels to rescue his baby. Then the rescue action began.

theme park flying squirrel rescue rdie for sale
BNFS-32C flying squirrel rescue ride

Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFS-32C
Capacity: 32 persons
Area: 13*13m
Power: 15kW
Height: 5.3m
Voltage: 380V
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The squirrel rescue ride belongs to the family amusement rides and kiddie carnival rides. It enables children to coordinate their manipulative ability while they are entertaining. With a sense of justice, they can become more courageous through the rescue process.

How does Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride Work?

At top center of the flying squirrel amusement equipment, a vulture clutching a cute squirrel baby stands on a rock. Around the rock, eight other little bald eagles hide themselves in their eggshells. They are surrounded by the squirrels’ tribe, which are ready to rescue the baby flying squirrel.

There are total of 16 flying squirrel cabins on the equipment. Each cabin is equipped with an laser gun, a water gun, and a cannon capable of long-range aerial shooting. The cannon can eject many marine balls of various colors, it is very interesting when rides rotating.

park flying squirrel rescue ride for sale
playground flying squirrel ride

kids flying squirrel rescue ride for sale
amusement park flying squirrel ride

Interested in the rides?

On the eggshell of the little bald eagle, it is equipped with the sensory device. If it is hit, the young bald eagle will automatically fall inside the shell, and the flying squirrel cabins will rise to the air. In contrast, if you are hit by the vulture, the squirrel cabin will descend to the ground. As it has good interactivity, children will like them very much.

How to Buy Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride for Sale?

If you are interested in the rescue flying squirrel ride, there are several ways available for you here.

  • Welcome to login BESTON official website to get quick quote and good price.
  • Send inquiry or email to us, or leave your request and message. Our sales manager will contact you immediately for further talk, to make sure get your demand.
  • Search our rides on Alibaba, and contact us by email.
  • Visit our factory directly if it is convenient for you, cash payment is acceptable on site.

Outstanding Features of Flying Squirrel Rescue Ride for Sale

  1. Strong interactivity. Players can shoot the eggs and vultures, at the same time, the ride will go up and down. It makes the playing activity interesting.
  2. Good quality. The whole ride is made of high quality FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) material and steel structure. It is safe and durable, and save you from troubles of frequent after sales issues.
  3. Novel appearance and bright color. The design is very special and vivid based on an impressive story. With various bright candy colors, it looks more attractive and beautiful, people will like it at first sight.
  4. Enable self control on cabins. There are two buttons on each of the cabin, players can push the button to control its up and down freely. Its function similar to the self control plane rides and rotary bee rides.
  5. Reasonable price. As the flying squirrel ride is designed and produced directly by our factory, no other additional channels to raise price. You can get good price from us when buying.

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