Indoor Amusement Rides for Sale

Indoor amusement rides, obviously, they are mainly for indoor use, and loved by both kids and adults. Certainly, there are some indoor rides can also be used for outdoor too. The common indoor amusement rides can be seen in the shopping malls, amusement centers and theme parks are indoor kiddie rides, indoor train rides, naughty castles, indoor carousel rides, arcade rides, bumper cars, coin operated rides, etc.

good quality dodgem bumper car

Bumper Car Ride for Sale

Bumper car ride is one of the kiddie rides, and it can be seen almost in every amusement park or indoor amusement center. The funfair consists of several groups of ...
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hot sale merry go round for sale

Carousel Rides for Sale

Carousel rides are the most common and popular amusement park rides, and they can also be seen in outdoor square, fairground, carnivals, indoor amusement centers or the amusement parks and ...
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cheap elephant track train for sale

Ride on Train with Track for Sale

Ride on train with track is also called rideable electric train, mini train ride or backyard train. It is usually found in the amusement park, theme park, carnival, funfair or ...
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good quality electric trackless train for sale

Trackless Train for Sale

Trackless train is always used in the shopping mall, theme park, amusement park, zoo and tourist attraction. People can sit on it for sightseeing instead of by walking. It can ...
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Why Indoor Rides Are Popular?

In recent years, more and more people will would like to spend much time to relax and have fun after work or on weekends or holidays. It can not only help them to release pressure, but also bring them much happiness. Unlike the outdoor rides, indoor amusement rides take smaller sizes, and even it rains or snows in bad weather, people can play normally. If you do not like to be exposed to the sun, the indoor amusement playground will be one of the best places for you to go with your kids or family. In the shopping centers, people always like to go shopping, and when they are tired, they can go to try some indoor rides and have fun. It will bring the sellers good business too.

walking robot ride with golden color

Kiddie Robot Ride for Sale

Kiddie robot ride is also named as iron man ride, because its appearance just looks like the iron man. It is a very popular amusement ride among children and adults, ...
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good quality kids excavator for sale

Kids Excavator for Sale

Kids excavator is a kind of popular amusement rides, which is mainly applicable to parks, squares, playgrounds, shopping malls, experience halls and science and technology museums and other places. It ...
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Shopping Centre Rides for Sale

Shopping centre rides are very popular and are welcomed by young people especially. Normally there will be a special place for the amusement purpose in the mall, in which there are many indoor rides for kids to play. For example, the arcade rides, coin operated rides, indoor carousel rides, and naughty castles. More people will be attracted there, some adults will keep accompany with their kids, and some can take a rest there when they are tired after shopping.

hot sale le bar car ride in BESTON
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNLB-2A
Capacity: 2 persons
Size: 1.7*1.6*1.6m
Voltage: 12V
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Indoor Train Rides for Sale

Indoor train rides include the mini track train rides and the trackless train rides. The mini track train rides fit for little kids who are interested in the trains, when they are sitting in the mini train, the trains will run along with the track slowly, kids can feel they are driving the train by themselves. The trackless train ride can be used both indoor or outdoor, most time, they are used for touring and circulating in the shopping mall. When the train running, many passers by will be attracted by it and also want to try.

Coin Operated Rides for Sale

Coin operated rides are commonly referred to arcade games, kids bumper cars, wobbler machines, mini carousels, le bar cars, kids excavators and so on. The indoor coin operated rides are very easy to operate and interesting, you only need to put one or more coins into the coin dispenser of the rides, they can start, both parents and kids like to play them. If you go to the video game center, you will find so many people there, old people and young people can play together, very good business opportunity for you.

good quality mini excavators for kids
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNKE-1A
Capacity: 1 person
Size: 1.95*0.9*1.75m
Rotating Angle: 90/180/360 degree
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Naughty Castles

Naughty castles are very common in the indoor activity and especially popular among kids. Its novel design, unique shape and high scientific and technical content make it different from other amusement rides, and more attractive. The naughty bouncy castle is a comprehensive and multi-functional amusement facility enabling kids to jump, climb, drill, slide, swing, roll and shake.

The naughty castles are composed of colorful engineering plastic pipes, soft bulk wood, sliding cars, single wood bridges, marine balls, boxing bags, trampolines and other sports equipment. All the materials are environmental friendly and safe, no harm to kids at all. It can fully develop and train children’s ability on thinking and overcoming difficulties, and kids will never be tired of playing in it.
good quality naughty castles for indoor use

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Indoor Amusement Rides Manufacturer

BESTON has devoted to provide high quality amusement rides to all over the world. The products include indoor amusement park rides, indoor thrill rides, indoor theme park rides, indoor kiddie rides and other outdoor rides. We not only produce and sell products, but also help our customers make design for their parks. We have our own sales department, factory, overseas offices and warehouses, and logistic company, which all support on your orders and customer services, BESTON will be your best choice to buy indoor amusement rides.

Advantages of Indoor Kiddie Rides for Sale

As indoor kiddie rides are so popular and are welcomed to kids, then what advantages do they have?
1. High safety factors. Most of the outdoor amusement facilities are large in size and not very safe for children to play separately. The main target people of indoor kiddie rides are children. The kiddie rides are designed and produced according to children’s height, weight, and motion range, and the safety factor is relatively high.
2. Most indoor kiddie rides have bright colors and unique shapes, which can stimulate kids’ visual and tactile sense, and improve their ability to recognize things outside. It can be great fun when they play.
3. The indoor amusement games are relatively concentrated, and children can play various favorite games here. When they are playing, they can also make some new friends.
4. It is a good way for kids to have fun and relax to provide them such entertainment space, at the same time, parents can also take a rest.
5. The indoor amusement playground area is limited and not so large, parents can see their kids everywhere. It allows children to play by themselves and solve some problems independently by the scientific knowledge they learned. It will also have great benefits for their development of positive personality.
6. Indoor rides are often used where integrating leisure, entertainment and shopping. They have complementary advantages and drive forward the promotions, which brings both economic benefits and social benefits.

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