Kamikaze Ride for Sale

The kamikaze ride is one of the most thrilling amusement rides. It is also known as skymaster ride, scissors ride, Apollo ride, and double-arm ranger ride, which with simple and beautiful style and appearance.

There are 16 seats and 32 seats available. The passengers are arranged in rows of two, with the first four rows facing in one direction, and the other four rows facing opposite. When the ride is in static status, both the rotating arms are vertical, and the gondolas are at the lowest position. Besides, as the two rotating arms are attached to the same motor, they can move at the same time, but in different directions.

Good Quality Kamikaze Carnival Ride for Sale
BESTON Amusement park Kamikaze Rides for Sale

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What is a Kamikaze Ride?

The kamikaze ride is a large amusement park equipment. It is composed of a huge stand column as central support, which with motor upside, one platform and the control system, and two long mechanical rotating arms with a gondola at each end.

When it comes to the categories, the arm skymaster ride belongs to the amusement park pendulum rides, and it swings back and forth highly in the air. The two rotating arms are attached to the main support in opposite. And the higher end of each arm is counterweight, while the other end is a giant gondola, in which there are several rows of seats for loading the passengers.

How do Kamikaze Rides Work?

As the equipment starts to operate, the rotating arms will swing repeatedly, until the gondolas go up to the top point. With one arm rotating clockwise, while the other arm rotating counterclockwise, passengers in the gondolas are swung backwards and forwards. And the rotating arms can rotate in 360 degree. As they are at the top point, they will totally head down, just like hanging in the space. Under the effect of strong sense of weightlessness, people will feel a little fear and panic with yell, but very soon they will forget the troublesome and enjoy the wonderful experience.

Passengers are protected by a shoulder harness, as well as a secondary locking bar across their laps. There are steel fence around the gondolas and seats, it allows the passengers to look outside, while preventing anyone from falling down when the skymaster ride is in motion.

skymaster carnival ride for sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNKR-16A
Height: 14m
Voltage: 380V
Power: 30kW
Capacity: 16 persons
Area: 14*10m
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New Double Arm Ranger Ride for Sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNKR-32A
Height: 16m
Voltage: 380V
Power: 45kW
Capacity: 32 persons
Area: 16*12m
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Features of BESTON Skymaster Amusement Ride

The scissors ride can bring you the thrilling feel and experience due to its special features.

1. Special design. It looks like a clock with double sides, and when rotating, it just seems like a X-shape. Very simple style, but with appealing appearance.
2. Large seating capacity. There are two giant gondolas with seating capacity of 16 persons or 32 persons, which similar to the big ship. The equipment takes little area but attracts large passenger flow, which can help you make more money, is your best investment choice.
3. Shinning lights. There are many colorful LED lights on the rotating arms and gondolas, which make the Apollo ride more shinning and appealing. Especially in the night time, you can see it from far distance, absolutely the extreme thrilling ride in the park. More people will would like to have a try.
4. Safe and reliable ride. BESTON double-arm ranger ride is made of superior quality steel and FRP material, and the advanced workmanship, which make the ride more reliable. All the seats are equipped with double safety insurance, to ensure passengers have a safe and joyful riding on the equipment.
5. Low investment and high return. The amusement park kamikaze ride is with simple structure and you can buy it with good price. Many people like it very much, especially the braves who want to try some new adventures. It will bring you great business opportunity and large passenger flow within short time. With low investment and high return rate, why don’t you choose this ride for your park or your amusement business?
6. Can be customized. For the standard skymaster carnival ride, if you don’t like the painting color or lights color, it doesn’t matter, we can customize it according to your special demand. And if you come up with some other new ideas or creative plans on it, just let us know to talk further. We will check with our engineer whether ok to make it and try to give you a satisfied answer as quickly as we can.

good quality scissors ride for sale
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Riding Information

1. Passengers should abide by the operation rules and regulations of the equipment, and follow the instructions of the working staff.
2. The following persons are not allowed to ride this equipment: Persons suffering from spinal disease, hypertension, heart disease, mental illness, and alcoholics, pregnant women, etc., who have no self-control ability.
3. Old or weak disabled people who are physically inaccessible or who are less than one meter tall and less than 8 years old should not ride alone.
4. Both hands of passengers should always firmly grasp the handrail during riding the equipment.
5. Please make sure all passengers fasten the seat belt.
6. It is not allowed to carry any fragmented items during the ride, and no dangerous items can be carried, such as knives, flammable and explosive materials, etc.
7. It is not allowed to get off the ride without permission.
8. In the process of playing, working staff should pay close attention to the safety status of tourists, and remind visitors to pay attention to safety matters. In order to promptly correct tourists’ behaviors that do not meet safety requirements and eliminate safety hazards.
9. In the event of a safety accident happening to tourists, rescue measures should be taken in accordance with the prescribed procedures. And the aftermath shall be handled seriously and responsibly.

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How to Buy a Double-arm Ranger Ride

As you can see the double-arm ranger ride is a very popular fairground ride and bring you lots of profits, then how to buy a skymaster amusement ride? Here are some suggestions for your reference.

1.If you like shopping online or are very busy, advise to search BESTON website by google or Alibaba for the kamikaze ride, then send us the inquiry for detail communication on price and specification.
2.If you are in China, or have plan to visit China, welcome to BESTON factory. Here you can find what you want on site and check the rides in details.
3.Once all the information and price are confirmed ok, our sales manager will send you the proforma invoice for your process on payment.
4.After our financial department confirm received the deposit or payment, our factory will start to prepare the rides production immediately. Sometimes, you will be the lucky person to find some ready goods in stock and it can be deliveried at any time, to meet your urgent demand.
5.When goods are finished, we will send you the photo or video for checking, if no problem, delivery can be arranged. We will use bubble film and wooden case to pack the goods well and load them in order.
Hope all these can guide you on how to buy rides and place order, and if you have any other question or not clear, welcome to contact us freely. We will be in your service 7*24 hours.

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