Kiddie Amusement Rides for Sale

Kiddie amusement rides, as its word meaning, they are mainly designed and played by kids. Normally they have small sizes, bright colors, various cartoon paintings, beautiful appearance and so on, which can better meet children’s demand and preference. The children’s amusement park rides are always used and seen in the small amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, shopping malls, outdoor squares, indoor entertainment centers, etc., they are very popular among kids.

Bumper Car Ride for Sale

Bumper car ride is one of the kiddie rides, and it can be seen almost in every amusement park or indoor amusement center. The funfair consists of several groups of ...
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Carousel Rides for Sale

Carousel rides are the most common and popular amusement park rides, and they can also be seen in outdoor square, fairground, carnivals, indoor amusement centers or the amusement parks and ...
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Ride on Train with Track for Sale

Ride on train with track is also called rideable electric train, mini train ride or backyard train. It is usually found in the amusement park, theme park, carnival, funfair or ...
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Trackless Train for Sale

Trackless train is always used in the shopping mall, theme park, amusement park, zoo and tourist attraction. People can sit on it for sightseeing instead of by walking. It can ...
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Kids Excavator for Sale

Kids excavator is a kind of popular amusement rides, which is mainly applicable to parks, squares, playgrounds, shopping malls, experience halls and science and technology museums and other places. It ...
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Mini Roller Coasters for Sale

Mini roller coasters are similar to the thrill roller coasters, but smaller in size and more suitable for small kids and families. There are small cars with different styles running ...
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Especially in nowadays, many people and family pay much attention on kids health and entertainment, they will like to take their children to have fun on weekends or holidays. During the playing time, children can also enjoy the happiness with their friends or families, and learn much knowledge, which improves their ability and make them brave.

Different Types of BESTON Kiddie Rides for Sale

For BESTON kiddie rides, there are so many different types available. For example, kiddie train rides for sale, kiddie swing ride for sale, kiddie ride carousel for sale, bumper cars for sale, small kiddie rides for sale, portable kiddie rides for sale, kiddie park rides for sale, trailer mounted kiddie rides for sale, coin operated kiddie rides for sale and so on.

Many of them have the functions of rotating, swinging, going up and down. Some parents will also would like to buy the mini amusement rides for their own kids, and put them in their backyards for personal use and playing.

Tea Cup Ride For Sale

Tea cup ride for sale is a kind of new designed spinning funfair rides in BESTON. It is composed of ...
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Self-Control Rides for Sale

Self-control rides are one of the most popular amusement park rides. As the word meaning, it is a kind of ...
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Samba Balloon Ride for Sale

Samba balloon ride is a one of the classical amusement park equipment. Its standing feature is the combination of the ...
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Octopus Ride for Sale

Octopus ride for sale is one of the popular amusement park rides of Beston company. It is made in the ...
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Mini Flying Car Ride for Sale

Mini flying car ride is also known as the happy flying car ride. It is one of the very popular ...
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Kiddie Robot Ride for Sale

Kiddie robot ride is also named as iron man ride, because its appearance just looks like the iron man. It ...
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Advantages of BESTON Kiddie Rides

BESTON has more than 5 years experience in producing and selling various carnival rides for children, and the products are already exported to more than 80 overseas countries. The main countries are Uzbekistan, Nigeria, South Africa, India, America, Australia, Romania, UK, Kenya, the Philippines, Malaysia and so on, and most customers will give good feedback and repeat orders after their first purchasing from BESTON.

What Advantages do BESTON Kiddie Rides Have?

When you decide to buy some kiddie rides, you may concern a lot about their advantages and what benefits you can get from buying them. Let us give you some general ideas:
1. Various styles and categories available. There are many different kids fairground rides for sale, and you can choose the ones according to your preference or park theme.
2. Cheap price. We have mature technology and experienced engineers and workers, many rides are produced for several times. It can ensure you get high quality products with good price.
3. Customization is accepted. For the small amusement rides, we have standard design and optional configuration, but if you have some other additional special demands, we can try to make it. Such as painting colors, lighting, control method (remote controller type, coin operated type or control cabinet type) etc.
4. Safe and reliable. Because the rides are played by children, safety will be the most important thing to pay attention. Quality is our value, and also the focus point for our long term development. To choose us will be your best choice, and your business will also benefit a lot from the good products.
5. Multi-functional rides. Most of our kiddie rides are equipped with MP3 musics, colorful lights, self control buttons, or shooting guns. These will make the rides more interesting for kids to play.

Interested in the rides?

Kiddie Rides to Buy

If you are interested in the kiddie rides or have the fixed plan to buy mini rides, welcome to BESTON. You can select products or place order both online or on site of our factory. No matter searching by Google or Alibaba, you can find BESTON and choose your preferred rides conveniently. Once get your inquiry or information, our sales manager will contact you for further talk and give you more details about the rides, good price and discount will given to you accordingly. A good supplier or manufacturer will be very important for you to place order, make payment, arrange shipping and enjoy good after sale service. It will save you from many troubles and guide you on the whole process clearly.

By the way, if you are not sure which kiddie rides to buy or confused on how to arrange the rides in your park or area, we can help. We have 3D department with several professional designers who can support you on how to make design and better arrangement on the rides, and some good suggestions and plans will be given to you for reference.

To choose the right kiddie rides can help attracting more kids, and you can get more benefits for your business. If kids are very small, they have to be accompanied with by their parents. Not only children like the kiddie rides, but parents and adults will have more fun when seeing their kids playing. BESTON will be surely the worthy manufacturer for you to buy amusement park rides for kids, welcome your coming and visiting.

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