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Roller coaster is one of the most popular and thrill amusement rides, which is well welcomed by both kids and adults. Roller coaster ride is always used in the theme park, amusement park carnival, funfair or entertainment center and so on, and it can be found almost in each country. It brings people the thrill feelings by fast speed and its track up and down.

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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-M4
Capacity: 16 persons
Car No.: 4
Track Length: 500m
Area: 90*40m
Height: 25.2m
Speed: 70km/h
Power: 75kW
Voltage: 380V
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With only around 30 seconds or one minute, people can feel they are travelling in the space and experience the big difference as they are on the ground. If you are the brave and enjoy adventure, the up and down roller coaster will be the best choice for you. Although many people regard the giant dipper roller coaster as a horrible ride, they are very safe, there is no need to worry about safety once you can obey the seating regulations.
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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-S7
Capacity: 14 persons
Car No.: 7
Track Length: 500m
Area: 95*56m
Height: 28m
Speed: 74.4km/h
Power: 124kW
Voltage: 380V
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Roller Coaster Description

A roller coaster is a type of special amusement ride, which adopts a form of aerial railway track designed with tight turns, steep slopes, and sometimes inversions. People ride along the track in groups of open cars. Most roller coaster sets have multiple cars, in which passengers sit and are restrained. Two or more cars hooked together are called a train. The track of a coaster ride is not necessarily to be a complete circuit. The amusement park roller coaster is featured by its fast speed, and wheeled cars are securely locked to the track, guide rails to keep them on line.

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The funny roller coaster rides train is not self powered, instead, it is pulled up with a chain or cable to the first peak of the coaster track. After that, there is no device to provide motive power for the coaster train anymore, but mainly relies on the gravitational potential energy.

As the roller coaster train dives down, potential energy will transform to kinetic energy, and when it goes up, the kinetic energy will transform to gravitational potential energy again, the whole process will repeat like this, until the train returns to the original stop platform.

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The last car of the coaster train belongs to the most thrilling position, and it is for the bravest man. You can experience the strong feeling at the last position, because speed of the last car is faster than the head car when passing the highest point.

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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-F3
Capacity: 12 persons
Car No.: 3
Track Length: 330m
Area: 43*22m
Height: 12.8m
Speed: 50km/h
Power: 40kW
Voltage: 380V
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Different Types of Roller Coasters

In the very early time when roller coasters boom, there was only a traditional wooden roller coaster. But today, there are so many different types of roller coasters available. For example, the most popular types are hanging roller coaster, vertical roller coaster, shuttle roller coaster, three rings roller coaster, medium three rings roller coaster, large three rings roller coaster and four rings roller coaster and so on.

Let us give you some brief introduction for each roller coaster type.

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Three Rings Roller Coaster

The three rings roller coaster is the most popular model in the amusement parks. Its track length is 500 meters, including an upright ring with 360 degree and two spiral rings. The highest point of the track is about 24 meters.

The train has a total of 6 cars, and each car can carry 4 persons, with total seating capacity of 24 persons one time.

It takes around 100 seconds to finish one circle with highest speed of 60km per hour.

When running, the traction engine gives power to the train. As the train moves to the highest point, it automatically slides with a large angle down thrust and rolls in 360 degree.

During the process, passengers can feel weightlessness, overweight and heavy centrifugal force.

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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-N3
Capacity: 24 persons
Car No.: 6
Track Length: 500m
Area: 115*45m
Height: 25.5m
Speed: 75km/h
Power: 100kW
Voltage: 380V
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Its main characteristics: safe and reliable, good ornamental, strong stimulation, large carrying capacity, high cost performance.

At present, our third generation products, its track manufacturing already made by mould, its fluency can be comparable with the similar imported products with advanced technology, achieved the low noise national patents.

The streamline design of the FRP carriages, the whole shaping of the carriages and the seats, and the gel coat on both inner and outer sides, all make it the first beautiful roller coaster in China.

Medium Three Rings Roller Coaster

Medium three rings roller coaster is composed of the aerial track, traction system, braking system, platform, train and electrical system. The track length is around 450 meters, including a 360 degree upright ring, one spiral ring and one horizontal ring.

Its highest point height is 22 meters. The train has a total of 4 cars, with each car seating with 4 persons, the total seating capacity is 16 persons one time. It spends around 90 seconds to finish the running. The area is around 85*36 meters, if your park size is limited, this medium three ring roller coaster will be the best choice.

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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-M3
Capacity: 16 persons
Car No.: 4
Track Length: 440m
Area: 85*36m
Height: 22.5m
Speed: 60km/h
Power: 80kW
Voltage: 380V
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Four Rings Roller Coaster

Four rings roller coaster is larger size than the three rings roller coaster, and is more thrilling. With track length of 680 meters, it include two 360 degree upright rings, two spiral rings, and the highest point of track is about 34 meters.

The train has a total of 6 cars, and each car can carry 4 persons, with total seating capacity of 24 persons one time. It takes around 120 seconds to finish one circle with highest speed of 80km per hour.

new model roller coaster with four rings

Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-N4
Capacity: 24 persons
Car No.: 6
Track Length: 680m
Area: 145*45m
Height: 33m
Speed: 75km/h
Power: 120kW
Voltage: 380V
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Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster

Crazy mouse roller coaster is also called as wild mouse roller coaster, it is composed of the cockpit, supporting track, braking device and other parts. Its sliding way and construction are similar to the roller coaster ride, but with the mouse-like cockpit, and running with single car.

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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-CM
Capacity: 10 persons
Car No.: 5
Track Length: 280m
Area: 27*36m
Height: 8m
Speed: 40km/h
Power: 8kW
Voltage: 380V
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The passengers sit in the mouse-like cabin, and slide slowly along the track, which is pushed by the braking device. When the cockpit arrives the highest point, it will glide by inertia. Passenger can feel the weightlessness, sharp turns, rising and falling in the process of riding.

The wild mouse roller coasters are suitable for installation and use in various venues, such as squares, amusement parks, theme parks, children’s outdoor parks, water parks and so on. It is one of the most popular roller coaster rides and welcomed by both kids and adults.

Water Roller Coaster

Water roller coaster is a newly designed coaster ride, it is often used at the water park. Normally the roller coaster water slide is installed in the giant pool, and with limited length. When the roller coaster train running from the higher position to the lower position, it will splash up the huge spray and you can feel the extreme thrilling experience.

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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-W2
Capacity: 20 persons
Car No.: 2
Track Length: 480m
Area: 100*46m
Height: 25m
Speed: 56.2km/h
Power: 175kW
Voltage: 380V
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Motorcycle Roller Coaster

Motorcycle roller coaster is a very special roller coaster ride, and it is also known as motorbike roller coaster. It is famous for its special design on the racing motorcycle type cars. The train is composed of groups of motorbikes, and each group with two motorbikes in a line side by side. When riding, passengers can feel they are riding on the real motorcycle, with fast speed and thrilling experience.

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Technical Parameters:
Model: BNRC-MC
Capacity: 16 persons
Car No.: 16
Track Length: 365m
Area: 55*25m
Height: 25m
Speed: 62.5km/h
Power: 130kW
Voltage: 380V
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Why are Roller Coasters Fun?

As the upside down roller coaster track is not flat, but with several turns and rings. It brings people the extremely crazy experiences, such as overweight, weightlessness, falling down etc., which are totally different from any other amusement rides in the park. Especially when passengers are at the top point and head down, they will see a reversed world view.

How do Roller Coasters Work?

The roller coaster mainly consists of the sliding tracks, columns, train with groups of cars, traction systems, braking systems, platform, electrical systems and other components. When the equipment is started, the train climbs up slowly, until it reaches the highest point, then slides down and turns over along the track quickly.

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Roller Coaster Safety Regulations

When you ride the roller coaster, safety is very important, and passengers have to pay attention and obey these safety regulations.

  1. Please conscientiously observe public order, protect environment, and come into the platform without bringing food, beverages, and flammables.
  2. Please enter the platform from the waiting area in turn holding the ticket, and follow the instruction of working staff. It is forbidden to climb over the fence.
  3. Psychiatric patients, alcoholics, people with high (low) blood pressure and heart disease, abnormal on head or spine, pregnant women, children less than 1.4 meters in height, and those who are not suitable for strenuous exercise are not allowed to ride the roller coaster.
  4. Before riding, please take off your valuables (such as mobile phone, camera, gold and silver decoration, watch, etc.) and scattered items, and keep them in a safe place, to prevent them from being lost and falling during playing.
  5. Before the equipment operating, if there is any uncomfortable on your body, please inform the working staff immediately to get help.
  6. Please seat well after getting on the train. Fasten the seat belt, press the safety pressure arm, and hold firmly the safety pressure arm by hands during the equipment operation.
  7. In order to make sure passengers’ safety, it is forbidden to stretch out the seats your hands and feet during equipment operation. Passengers are not allowed to protrude or stand when sitting on the seats. It is also forbidden to have food in the mouse and play with each other when riding on the roller coaster.
  8. The train will stop running when entering the platform. And after the working staff opens the safety pressure arm magnetic valve, passengers can push the safety pressure arm upward and release the seat belt to leave.
  9. After getting off the roller coaster train, please quickly leave the platform and train track area from the exit.
  10. For other safety related matters, please follow by the instructions from the working staff regarding safety.

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