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Slingshot ride is a large and thrilling amusement equipment. It is also called human slingshot bungee ride, ball slingshot ride, rocket bungee, and bungee slingshot. The slingshot thrill ride is so popular and is always used in the amusement park, carnival, funfair and so on.

Popular slingshot ride for sale
BESTON Slingshot Ride for Sale

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Slingshot ride looks like a big slingshot and works with fast speed like a rocket. It mainly includes 2 high steel piles, a slingshot ball seating, platform, steel cables and power plant. All these make it fix stably on the ground and work well.

When the slingshot ball is launched to the top point, the steel cable connecting to the round ball is pulled back. Then it falls down freely. Again and again, it goes up and down with fast speed, until it stops. The whole process will last around 2 minutes, and passengers can experience the different feeling as they are snapped out to the sky.

How does the Slingshot Ride Work?

There are two symmetrical steel piles with height of 24 meters or 28 meters on the site. Plus a round non-closed cockpit for 2 persons, which seems like a ball. The both sides of the cockpit are respectively fastened by two bungee cords and safety wire ropes for safety consideration. When the equipment is in static status, the cockpit is held firmly in place by an electromagnet base on the ground.
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When the passengers enter the cabin, the working staff will help to fasten the seat belts and make sure it is in good status. At the same time, the mechanical equipment at both steel pile begin to start. The wire ropes and the bungee cords are continuously stretched and pulled, and the cockpit is not moved due to the control of the electromagnet base on the ground.

Until the bungee cords are under the greatest control tension, the equipment will enter into the launch state. After that, the working staff will cut off power supply of the electromagnet. Then the electromagnetic attraction on the fixed cabin disappears, and the cockpit is catapulted instantaneously to the height of tens of meters. Under the elastic force of the bungee cords and the force of inertia of weight of cabin and passengers, the cockpit will bounce up and down in the air repeatedly for more than ten times. When the bungee cords stabilized in the air, the staff can start the device to lower down the cockpit and return it to the original position on the ground.

As the cockpit is launched to the high altitude from the ground, and with very fast speed like a rocket, so we call it rocket bungee jumping. There is no doubt that the bungee ball ride is one of the most thrilling amusement rides for the braves. And people can be flung skyward at a speed of 100km per hour in a matter of few seconds.

Types of Human Slingshot Bungee Ride

For installation types of the new slingshot ride, it can be classified as stationary type and mobile type. The big differences and advantages of each type will be showed as below:

1. Stationary slingshot ride: The ride height is 24 meters, and it can bounce up to 32 meters. It is fixed on the ground with foundation, and can not move around from place to place. But the stationary equipment is more stable and popular in the amusement parks and theme parks.

popular bungee slingshot ride
Model: BNSR-24A
Capacity: 2 persons
Power: 15KW
Area: 15*28m
Voltage: 380V
Height: 24m
Operation Height: 32m
Installation Type: Stationary
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2. Mobile slingshot ride: Normally it is designed with height of 28 meters, and it can bounce up to 36 meters. There is no need the foundation and can move around easily. It fits for the funfair or fairground, to move around from one place to another place very conveniently.
best slingshot amusement park ride for sale
Model: BNSR-28A
Capacity: 2 persons
Power: 15KW
Area: 15*28m
Voltage: 380V
Height: 28m
Operation Height: 36m
Installation Type: Movable
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Although there are different types of slingshots, the working principle is the the same. They are both welcomed by bring people the happiness and thrilling feel. Especially for people who likes adventure, bungee slingshot is absolutely the good choice.

Features of BESTON Slingshot Amusement Park Ride

1. Beautiful design: BESTON has experienced and professional designers and engineers to make the new design and drawing, to meet your demand.
2. Accept customization: For equipment color and LED lights color, we can specially customize them according to customers’ demand.
3. Different types: There are stationary type and mobile type catapult ride available in BESTON, you can choose on the basis of occasions.
4. High safety performance: BESTON pays much attention on products quality and safety. We use high quality steel material and bungee ropes, and perform strict check and inspection on the installation and test, to make sure the equipment in best status when operating.
5. 7*24 hours service: BESTON can provide you one year warranty for our products. If there is any problem about the rides, you can contact our after sales service people for quick solution, and we can provide 7*24 hours services. Even the equipment is out of the warranty period, we can help to provide the support or guide you how to repair.
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How Much does the Slingshot Ride Cost?

As you have well known about the slingshot equipment, are you interested in buying one for your own business? If yes, the slingshot ride price may become your most concern question. BESTON can provide you the competitive price with high quality product. Welcome to send inquiry to us from our website, or ALIBABA, or visit our factory directly. Our sales manager will come back to you within 12 hours after get your request.

Where to Buy a Slingshot Ride?

If you are planning to buy a new slingshot ride, then where to buy it? Welcome to BESTON, let’s give you some brief introduction about BESTON Group.

BESTON Group is the professional manufacturer of slingshot roller coaster ride and other amusement rides. We have our own factory, workshop and sales department, and the factory is established in 2013. Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries with good feedback.

We have our own website, and you can also find us on ALIBABA. You can buy a slingshot ride both online or on site.

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Interested in the rides?

What you can get from BESTON?

1. High quality products. We have professional teams to guide you on the best products selection, park designs, customs affair documents handling, etc.
2. Timely delivery. We perform the standardized management on the production process and quality control, and it will help to ensure the timely delivery on the goods.
3. Superior after sales services. We have experienced electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, they are ready to support our customers on installation, training, and regular maintenance solutions.
4. Park design proposal. We have 3D design department, which can help our customers to make the 3D park design drawing. And give better suggestion on the rides collocation. It will also help you to make the adjustment easily if anything not in order.

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