Swing Chair Ride for Sale

Swing chair ride is also called the flying chair, spinning swing ride, wave swinger ride, chair o plane for sale, yoyo swing ride or swing carousel. It belongs to the new swing tower amusement equipment, the upright post support the top cover, and can go up and down. The chairs hang on the top cover by the chains, and can swing out in circle. The top cover will run in circle with head shaking. People can feel they are flying when sitting on the chair swing ride. It can be set up at the amusement park, carnivals and fairground, both kids and adults like it.

best sale amusement park swing ride for sale
BESTON hot sale amusement park swings for sale

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Classification of the Swing Ride

Based on its size, seating capacity, decoration and structure, normally we can summary the swing carousel by category. And here are some general classifications.
1. Seating capacity: there are 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats, and 36 seats models available.
2. Kiddie swing ride
3. Deluxe swing ride
4. Ocean themed swing ride
5. Fruit swing ride
6. Shaking head swing ride

Fruit Wave Swing Ride for Sale

Fruit wave swing ride is a classic swing ride, and its chairs and appearance painting looks like the watermelon. On the FRP of swing top cornice and central column part, there are colorful shinning lights. Even in the night time, it can operate and looks more gorgeous. Normally for the fruit flying chair, the seating capacity is 16 seats. There are two types of the ride: one type is rotating with going up and down, and another type will swing head, except rotating with going up and down. When it swings head, you will feel more thrilling flying on the chairs.

best sale wave swinger ride for sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-16A
Capacity: 16 persons
Diameter: 5.5m
Height: 4.5m
Power: 3.5kW
Voltage: 380V
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good quality fruit wave swinger for sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-16B
Capacity: 16 persons
Diameter: 6m
Height: 7m
Power: 4.5kW
Voltage: 380V
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Kiddie Swing Ride for sale

Kiddie swing ride takes little space, and with fashion style, just looks like a big umbrella. There are several chairs hanging on it, when the umbrella turns round, the chairs will rotate out to the space in circle, very exciting, and kids like them very much.

Mickey Mouse Flying Chair Ride for Sale

Hot sale mickey mouse flying chair ride is designed mainly for kids, and the simple structure and mini colorful chairs are popular among kiddie amusement rides. There are 10 seats and 12 seats models available. And on the top cornice of the chain swing ride, there are mickey mouse themed pictures and decorations. When kids are playing and riding on the swing ride, they will imagine they are playing in Disneyland, but it will be more economical way to have fun than in the Disneyland.

mickey mouse flying chair ride for kids
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-10A
Capacity: 10 persons
Diameter: 4m
Height: 3.5m
Power: 3kW
Voltage: 380V
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Ocean Themed Swing Ride for Sale

Ocean themed swing ride, which is similar to the ocean carousel. It is painted in sea blue, and there are sea animal pictures on the swing chairs and central column and top part. If you have a theme entertainment center or park, the ocean themed swing ride will be a good choice.

cheap ocean themed swing ride for sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-12A
Capacity: 12 persons
Diameter: 5m
Height: 3.5m
Power: 3kW
Voltage: 380V
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Deluxe Swing Ride for Sale

Deluxe swing ride is often seen in the amusement parks, and it is with complete structure and deluxe decoration. For example, there are the shinning lights, music, colorful appearance, and many pictures on the top cover and central part. It can also go up and down when rotating, and thrilled feeling and beautiful styles can attract more passengers to your place.

good quality flying swing ride for sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-36A
Capacity: 36 persons
Area: 15*15m
Height: 5.9m
Power: 23.5kW
Voltage: 380V
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Shaking Head Swing Ride for Sale

Shaking head swing ride similar to the deluxe chain swing ride. Besides all the characteristics of the deluxe swing ride, it can also shaking head. That means when the whole equipment rotates and goes up and down, the top cover can swing too, more thrilling. 24 seats, 32 seats and 36 seats models chair flying ride all can be made with shaking head style.

good quality spinning chair ride for sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-24A
Capacity: 24 persons
Area: 12*12m
Height: 6m
Power: 11.5kW
Voltage: 380V
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popular chair swing ride with lighting for sale
Technical Parameters:
Model: BNFC-32A
Capacity: 32 persons
Area: 14*14m
Height: 9.5m
Power: 15kW
Voltage: 380V
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Advantages of BESTON Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

BESTON Group is committed to provide high quality products and reasonable price to people all over the world. We expect to be the leading enterprise in the amusement industry.
Why BESTON swing rides are better than other factories? Here you can find the answers after comparing.
1. Exquisite fiberglass seat. With beautiful shape, the seat is made of high quality FRP material. The chair surface paint with bright color painting, not easy to fade.
2. International thickening steel. The mechanical parts are all made of international thickening steel. It can ensure the equipment is durable and enhance the equipment safety for long time.
3. The control system is equipped with a frequency converter. This special design and control system enable the equipment soft-start and soft-stop. It will let people feel more comfortable when sitting on the ride.
4. Superior FRP part. BESTON has its own FRP grinding tool, and can design and produce many creative modelling. With good polishing, it will also be easier for painting, and which can make the equipment more durable when use.
5. Bright painting part. BESTON has an exclusive painting room, and several experienced painting technicians, who are specialized on painting workmanship research for more than 20 years. When the FRP models are finished, they will be moved to the painting room for processing. At least 3 layers of painting will be made for each product.
Every swing ride will look in bright color, and vivid in appearance after installation and painting. All these special features make BESTON wave swinger ride the most welcome amusement item. And the wave swinger is also deeply loved by customers.

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How does the Spinning Chair Ride Works?

About the spinning chair ride working process, let me give you detail description. When the flying swing ride is in static status, the top umbrella is in level, and all the chairs hang on it. Its start is controlled by the control cabinet, first we need to ensure all the passengers are seated well and fasten the seat belt. After all preparation work are finished, then start the equipment, the seating chairs will swing out in circle from slow to fast. People may feel they are flying to the sky like bird, so thrilling and exciting.

Attentions When Operating the Swing Chair Ride for Sale

1. To post the qualified mark issued by the quality inspection department on the swing ride.
2. To display the passengers instruction, pointing out the main playing techniques and safety precautions when playing the amusement devices.
3. To prohibit little kids or children from riding the park swings alone, unless they are accompanied by their parents.
4. To remind passengers to pay much attention to their head and feet when getting on and off the equipment, to avoid bumping and falling.
5. To keep maintaining the order of the passengers, let them line up within the security fence. Do not crowd or climb over the fence.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry about the swing chair ride.

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