Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Swing tower ride is a newly developed large amusement thrill ride, which belongs to the flying tower. Passengers sit on the chairs which are hung on the giant stride by the chains, and swing around the upright tower with going up and down. The rotating centrifugal force and running height bring people great fun.
popular swing tower ride for sale

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Compared with the previous disadvantages of complex structure and high cost of such amusement equipment, the newly designed giant swing ride has adopted the advanced technology and improved a lot. It greatly reduced the purchasing cost and operating and maintenance cost, and is very popular in the amusement parks.

The swing tower carnival ride is suitable for both young people and old people, and it is a landmark amusement facility integrating the entertainment and thrill. When the night comes, the sky swing ride is easier to be seen and distinguished from other rides in the amusement park.

As the passengers and chairs rotate in the sky, the colorful lighting looks like a rainbow dancing in the air, which is even more dazzling. The sky flyer ride will surely become an ideal and must amusement product in the playgrounds and carnival events. It can get the most economic benefits with minimal operating costs.

popular swing tower carnival ride for sale
Technical Parameter:
Model: BNST-36A
Capacity: 36 persons
Total Height: 55.8m
Running Height: 36.8m
Power: 82kW
Area: 30*30m
Voltage: 380V
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cheap sky flyer amusement ride for sale
Technical Parameter:
Model: BNST-32A
Capacity: 32 persons
Total Height: 44.8m
Running Height: 27m
Power: 67kW
Area: 26*26m
Voltage: 380V
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popular giant swing ride for sale
Technical Parameter:
Model: BNST-32B
Capacity: 32 persons
Total Height: 31.8m
Running Height: 17m
Power: 67kW
Area: 23*23m
Voltage: 380V
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Outstanding Features of the Giant Swing Amusement Ride

  1. The equipment has a basic type of installation.
  2. It adopts a split structure considering the actual needs of transportation, installation, etc.
  3. High technology content. It uses the advanced technology to improve the equipment, and ensures safety of facility and passengers.
  4. Color and lighting can be customized. The main structure is made of high quality steel, and the chairs are made of FRP material. Colors can be painted as standard or according to your special demand. Lights can be added on the foundation, seats, and top part.
  5. Low operating cost. The equipment is easy to operate, and you can buy one with low price and high quality.
  6. Simple equipment maintenance. For the large size facility, it doesn’t need frequently repair and maintenance if normal check is done well.
  7. Safe and comfortable riding. The ride has double safety protections and is interesting to play, especially the young people like it very much.
  8. High return on investment. It can seat with 32 or 36 persons at a time, and is also attractive to most people, you will surely get high return on investment with this equipment.

BESTON hot sale sky swing ride for sale

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Structure of the Swing Tower Ride for Sale

The sky swing ride consists of foundation, upright column, lifting power system, hanging and swinging system, transmission system, electrical control system and so on.

  • Foundation: It is the horizontal load bearing part of the entire equipment. The equipment is fixed by the base and the embedded parts.
  • Upright column: It consists of column base, lower column, two intermediate columns and upper column. A counterweight pulley component is fixed on the upper column. At the top point, it is the top decorative part, and it also functions as lightning rod.
  • Lifting power system: It is composed of hydraulic station, jacking cylinder, upper and lower pulleys, guide post, traction wire rope, counterweight mechanism and other components.
  • Hanging and swinging system: This system comprises the double-seat chairs, hanging chains and duplicate protections, etc. The reducer drives the rotary support, which in turn drives the giant stride, truss and chairs rotating.
  • Transmission system: It is composed of gear motor, transmission gear and slewing bearing.
  • Electrical control system: It is the control hub of the mechanical and electrical parts.

amusement park giant spinning swing ride for sale

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How does a Swing Tower Ride Work?

The operating principle of the skyscreamer swing ride will be described as following:

When all the passengers are seated well in the seats, please inform them about the use of safety protection device (safety belts, seat levers), and check one by one, to make sure everything is in order. After that, the transmission system is started, and the equipment start to operate according to the predetermined automatic procedure.

Under the action of higher line speed and centrifugal force, passengers can have various amusement experiences, such as rotating horizontally, spiral ascent, spiral descending and so on. All these can make passengers feel more excited and thrilled, absolutely a worthy amusement ride to play.
popular sky flyer fair ride for sale

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Giant Swing Ride Manufacturer

BESTON amusement equipment company is the leading manufacturer in China, it produces and sell giant swing ride and various amusement park rides. BESTON has its own factories and overseas sales department, with more than 300 hundred of employees.

BESTON Group pays much attention on product quality and customer service, and regards customers as the first important. All we do is to give our customers good services and good products.

If you have chance to visit our factory, you can check everything on site, from the raw material selection and key electric parts purchase, product design, research and development, to the producing progress, installation and inspection, factory all pay much attention and take strict control action.

If you have decided to buy the sky flyer carnival ride, BESTON will be the best choice for you.
popular skycreamer swing ride for sale

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How to Buy Swing Tower Carnival Ride?

The swing tower carnival ride is one of the most welcomed amusement rides in the parks and fairgrounds. If you are interested in the ride and have enough budget on it, please take quick action to start. Then how to buy a sky swing fair ride? Let me give you some general guidance.

  1. If you are in overseas country and not in China, do not worry, welcome to enter BESTON website and select the swing tower you preferred and send us the inquiry to get discount price and more details.
  2. BESTON will attend the overseas fairs 2 to 3 times a year, and we will inform you the attending date in advance, you may come to the fair and meet us on site to talk further about the rides.
  3. Welcome to visit our factory if it is convenient and you have enough time on your schedule. We can support you more discount if you pay cash in the factory.
  4. Our sales manager will contact you for further communication once get your inquiry, and list the detail process for the payment and shipment issues.
    We are always at your service, please contact us freely if you have any question.

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