Thrill Rides for Sale

Thrill rides are very popular and common to be seen in the amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds and carnivals. It specially suits for the braves and thrill seekers, and many adults and young people like to play them very much. Generally, the thrill ride has large size, high speed, higher height and rolling over actions.

Some of the outstanding amusement park thrill rides are roller coaster rides, speed windmill rides, jumping machine, energy storm rides, space travel rides, double flying rides, Ferris wheel rides, break dance, swing chair rides, big pendulum ride, slingshot ride, kamikaze ride, pirate ship ride, UFO ride, disco ride, etc.

good quality giant frisbee for sale

Pendulum Ride for Sale

Pendulum ride is a large-scale amusement equipment, which belongs to the thrilling ride. It is very common in the major amusement park and theme park. The pendulum swing ride is ...
new model roller coaster with four rings

Roller Coaster for Sale

Roller coaster is one of the most popular and thrill amusement rides, which is well welcomed by both kids and adults. Roller coaster ride is always used in the theme ...
new model pirate ship ride for sale

Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

Pirate ship ride is also called as swing boat or viking pirate ship, and it is often seen in the playground, amusement park, theme park, carnival or funfair. Pirate ship ...
best quality ball slingshot ride

Slingshot Ride for Sale

Slingshot ride is a large and thrilling amusement equipment. It is also called human slingshot bungee ride, ball slingshot ride, rocket bungee, and bungee slingshot. The slingshot thrill ride is ...
popular chair swing ride with lighting for sale

Swing Chair Ride for Sale

Swing chair ride is also called the flying chair, spinning swing ride, wave swinger ride, chair o plane for sale, yoyo swing ride or swing carousel. It belongs to the ...
popular swing tower ride for sale

Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Swing tower ride is a newly developed large amusement thrill ride, which belongs to the flying tower. Passengers sit on the chairs which are hung on the giant stride by ...

Why People Like Thrilling Amusement Park Rides?

Nowadays, people’s lives are getting better and better, but more people face great pressure from work or other aspects. They will like to have relax and pursue more thrills, so the thrill rides will be their best choice to have fun.

The extreme amusement rides can bring people different experiences and feelings than other regular amusement rides. Such as totally turnover with head down, running with very fast speed, weightlessness, overweight, and all these happens in the air and when you are off the ground. You can enjoy the amazing experience with many other people who have same interests, and explore the unknown future.

Best Amusement Disco Ride for Sale

Flying UFO Ride for Sale

Flying UFO ride is also called Flying disco ride, magic bowl ride, UFO ride. It is very popular and always used in the amusement park, theme park, carnival and scenic ...
theme park breakdance ride for sale

Breakdance Ride for Sale

Breakdance ride for sale is one of the popular amusement equipment nowadays. It features on its attractive appearance, colorful style, and gives riders thrill experience when playing. There are many ...
buy Space Travel Thrill Ride For Sale in Beston

Top Spin Ride for Sale

Top spin ride has another name of space travel ride, it is a large-scale and stimulant amusement ride. This equipment runs around the horizontal axis and rotates around the entire ...
popular kiddie miami ride for sale

Miami Ride for Sale

Miami ride is a new type of amusement equipment, which is very popular among kids and young people. It has a long seats with several small seats in a line ...
amusement park tagada ride for sale

Tagada Ride for Sale

General Introduction of Tagada Ride for Sale Tagada Ride for sale is a kind of very common and special amusement equipment. Most of the large fairground, amusement parks and theme ...
new design liberty music bar ride for sale

Liberty Music Bar Ride for Sale

Liberty music bar ride is a very new developed amusement park equipment in Beston. From the appearance, it looks a little similar to the breakdance amusement ride, but different on ...

Hot Selling Thrill Rides Manufacturer

BESTON is one of the best manufacturers of thrill rides, kiddie rides, family rides, carnival rides and other amusement rides. We have devoted ourselves to amusement rides for more than 5 years, and before that, we have been concentrating on doing mechanical machines and leading in China.

Although amusement rides are our newly developed industry, we have mature technology and experienced engineers and workers on structure and electrical items, and that will help a lot.
For the hot selling thrill rides, we have exported to many overseas countries successfully. Most of our cooperated customers give us good feedback photos, videos or emails on our products, and invite our people to their parks for visiting.

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What Supports and Benefits You can Get from BESTON?

Thrill rides are attractive to many people around the world, and will bring you lots of benefits to your business if you have fixed plan to add some rides in your park. Then what supports and benefits you can get from BESTON? Let us show you the details.

  1. We provide you various styles products to choose from, and it can better meet you demand on different models.
  2. You are welcomed to visit our factory and see the ready goods on site. For the raw materials, producing process, manufacturing workmanship, painting technology, product structure, test running of machines, and factory qualification, you can all have a better understanding and know clearly. For the ready goods, they are available for riding at any time. If you like them, we will be glad to accept your immediate order and pack the goods for you only.
  3. If you visit our office and factory and place order on site with deposit or full payment, more discount and free spare parts will be given.
  4. Flexible payment methods are acceptable. No matter whether you want to pay by T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, credit card or cash, we can accept. If you have difficulty on all the above payment methods and want other choices, we can check and try to support.
  5. If you don’t know how to install the thrill rides and want our people to your place, it is no problem. We have professional and experienced engineers who are in charge of installation guidance. When they go to your place, they can also give some training to your people on how to install and maintain the amusement rides.
  6. We have 3D department and can help you make design on your park and make better arrangement of the rides to take good use of the space.
  7. According to your projects, we will arrange people to visit your country in a year, and it can help both our sides to enlarge our business and promote better cooperation. If there are some after sales problems, we can help to solve immediately too.

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Special Features of Thrill Rides for Sale

For the thrill rides, they have their own special features to attract people.

  1. Most of the theme park thrill rides are in large sizes, so that they can have enough space and function to operate.
  2. Speed is adjustable. As the thrill rides, they will be set with very fast speed, for example the roller coaster and slingshot ride. But the speed can be adjusted according to real needs too.
  3. Rotating fast in different directions. Many thrill rides have the function of rotating, and some of them even can rotate in 360 degree. It will be so interesting and thrilling to play.
  4. For the braves and thrill seekers, it will be a good choice to show their special relax and explore unknowns.

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