Top Spin Ride for Sale

Top spin ride has another name of space travel ride, it is a large-scale and stimulant amusement ride. This equipment runs around the horizontal axis and rotates around the entire circumference. There are two kinds of driving modes with hydraulic and mechanical transmission. It is always used in the amusement park, theme park, carnival, fairground and other outdoor activities, and very popular to both kids and adults.

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BNTS-20A top spin ride

Model: BNTS-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Height: 8m
Area: 15*15m
Power: 30kW
Voltage: 380V
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Beston hot selling top spin ride for sale
BNTS-20B top spin ride for sale

Model: BNTS-20B
Capacity: 20 persons
Height: 8m
Area: 15*15m
Power: 30kW
Voltage: 380V
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The giant top spin ride has double row seats, passengers can seat back to back. As the equipment starts, passengers will swing and roll forward and backward in 360 degree, and they can feel the strong weightlessness alternately. It is especially welcomed by young people. Riding on the equipment, people will feel like they are travelling in the space, so that’s why we call it space travel ride sometimes.

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BNTS-20E Beston Space Travel Thrill Rides for Sale

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BNTS-20E Beston Top Spin Thrill Rides for Sale

Technical Parameter:
Model: BNTS-20E
Cabins: 20
Capacity: 20 persons
Revolution Diameter: 8.25m
Rotation Speed: 8.64rpm
Height: 9.42m
Working Voltage: 380V
Decoration Lighting Voltage: 24V
Total Power: 40KW
Weight: 21t
Service Life: 8 years

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Features of the Space Travel Thrill Ride For Sale

Space travel thrill ride is one of the popular thrill rides. Many people are attracted by its outstanding features, especially below listed ones:

  1. Large Capacity. It can seat with large number of people at one time. As there are two rows of seats, it can hold 16 to 20 people.
  2. Young people like to play. As the equipment turnovers in 360 degree, it fits for the young people and braves better.
  3. High quality and advanced technology. The equipment has newly and special design, and needs strict production workmanship. It also has high demand on factory’s aptitude and production capacity.
  4. High speed but safe ride. During operation, the top spin ride will run in high speed, but do not worry about the safety. There are seat belts and pressure bars on the seats to protect passengers’ safety.
  5. Double rotation. When the big arms rotating around the horizontal axis in 360 degree, the seats equipped on the horizontal axis will also rotate in the same way.
  6. Painting colors can be customized according to your special demand.
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Structure of the Top Spin Amusement Ride

The top spin amusement ride is composed of two “U” shape frame constructions, seats, control system and counterweights. The seats are lined in two rows and suspended between two supporting arms. When the equipment starts to operate, the big arms will rotate in 360 degree, and the seats on the horizontal axis are also rotating freely.

As the seats run to the top point, they will stay for a few seconds, and passengers sitting on the seats will head down to experience the thrilling feel.

Top Spin Carnival Ride Price

Top spin carnival ride is a a low investment and high return equipment, and also a popular carnival rides. For the main structure, it use the high quality steel material, and for the seats, they are made of good FRP material.

About the top spin fair ride price, they will be different if the seating capacity not the same, and also it may has some additional cost if you want to change its design or customize on some parts. You can contact our sales manager for the exact and discount price for each model.

BESTON Top Spin Ride for Sale

BESTON Group is the professional manufacturer of space travel rides and other amusement park rides, which is ranking in the top of China’s amusement rides suppliers. We have more than 30 experienced sales people who can speak English, Russian and Spanish separately. It can be easier for our communication with customers from different countries.

best space travel thrill ride for sale
BNTS-20C top spin ride for sale

Model: BNTS-20C
Capacity: 20 persons
Height: 8m
Area: 15*15m
Power: 30kW
Voltage: 380V
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cheap top spin ride for sale
BNTS-20D top spin ride for sale

Model: BNTS-20D
Capacity: 20 persons
Height: 8m
Area: 15*15m
Power: 30kW
Voltage: 380V
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BESTON space travel rides have been exported to Uzbekistan and many other countries with good feedback. Factory also pay much attention on quality control and customer service. Our goal is to sell our products to all over the world, and provide our customers best amusement rides.

What After Sales Services You can Enjoy from BESTON?

For the top spin fairground ride, we will provide you one year warranty after purchasing. If you don’t know how to arrange delivery or shipping, our shipping agents can help. If your people don’t know how to install the rides, we can provide immediate support or arrange our engineers to your place to guide on site or give training.

No matter when there is any problem about the equipment, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services. Even the equipment is out of warranty period, we are glad to help you find the problem and solve it. If necessary, the free spare parts can be sent to you for replacement.

Packing and Container Loading of Top Spin Amusement Ride

When the top spin amusement ride is finished and ready to arrange delivery and shipping, it has to be dismantled due to large size, and it will be easier and better for the container loading. The seats are made of FRP material, have to be protected well.

Firstly, we will use the bubble film to wrap up it, and then pack it with wooden case, even if some shaking, it will be no problem. For the steel structure, it will be packed by the bubble film to protect its paining, in case of any fading or damage.

Besides, we will pack the control cabinet and motors separately with good packing, make sure everything is well when you receive the goods.

When loading the parts into the container, it has to use the 40HQ container. Factory will try to take good use of the space and make better arrangement on which parts to be loaded first and inside. The forklift will be used when doing loading, and it can save loading time, cost and manpower. Our purpose is try to help our customers lower additional cost and get best products.

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