Carnival Rides for Sale

Carnival rides are one of the most popular and necessary elements of a carnival, which is also called travelling carnival in US English. Besides, it is quite different from the amusement rides in the amusement parks, which are usually set in one permanent place. The carnival rides are easy to be transported from place to place.

BESTON, one of the most professional and well known amusement rides manufacturers and suppliers in China, is in the leading position in supplying top quality carnival rides for sale with lower prices. Our carnival rides mainly include kiddie rides, thrill rides and mechanical rides, such as trackless trains, kiddie trains, electric and battery bumper cars, merry go round carousel rides, pirate ship rides, frisbee rides, wave swinger rides, tea cup rides, disco rides, samba balloon rides, rotary octopus rides, jump and smile rides, and so on.

Hot Sale Carnival Rides Manufacturer

BESTON amusement company is established in 2013, and the factory is located in Xingyang, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. We have been focusing on developing and producing various amusement rides and selling them to all over the world. There are more than 200 staff in our company, including the experienced engineers, top sales people, after sales service people, designers, installation engineers and workers.

BESTON always regard our customers as the most important part, all we want to do is to serve our customers and provide them the best products. With our constant improvements and efforts, we have got great progresses in the amusement business. Till now, our products have been exported to more than 80 countries in Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe. Most of our customers are very satisfied with our products after installed and operated in their amusement park or area, and they share the pictures and videos of the finished equipment with us.

Carnival Rides to Buy

For the carnival rides, you can choose based on your area size or different themes, and if you have fixed budget, it will be better to decide which carnival rides to buy. About the carnival games and rides for sale, there are different price range, because the equipment sizes and structures are not the same, painting color and designs are also diverse.
If you are interested in some fun carnival rides, please contact us by phone, email or send us an inquiry from our website. Our sales managers will talk with you for more details and give you best prices.

If you have plan to visit our factory, you can check the rides on site one by one, and try to ride on the equipment. After that, you can pick out the rides you prefer, and if make payment in our factory, you will enjoy more discount and support than buy online.

How to Choose Best Carnival Rides?

To choose the best carnival rides can save you more troubles and help you make more money in the long term business. In the carnival activities, many people will be attracted there, and it is also good time to show your rides to people from all over the world. You may concern a lot how to choose the best carnival rides, here are some general guidance for your reference:
1.To choose the large and professional manufacturers. They have strict control on quality and key components, can ensure you get immediate solution when rides have problems.
2.Bright color and new design are very important. In the carnival, there are many people and new items, and if your rides are bright color and with new style, they can be seen at first sight and attract more people to play.
3.Many functions to play. If the rides have more function, they will be easier to be distinguished from other normal carnival rides, and are interesting to play on.

Interested in the carnival rides?

Kiddie Carnival Rides for Sale

Kiddie carnival rides usually means small carnival rides or mini carnival rides, they are mainly designed for kids and safe to ride and play. We can often see the bumper cars, le bar cars, kiddie rotating rides, mechanical bull ride and so on, normally they are smaller and easy to move around. And for the appearance, they always have more colors, and cartoon pictures, kids like them very much.

Why to Buy Carnival Rides from BESTON?

There are many suppliers and manufactures of carnival amusement rides in China, but BESTON can provide you more new and different experience.
1. Good quality and competitive prices. Our factory always pay much attention on the product quality, the bad quality is not accepted in our internal control.
2. We have specialized engineers who are in charge of after sales services and equipment installation, which can provide our customers the best services.
3. We have our own offices and warehouses at Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Germany, can provide products and services directly.
4. Each year, our sales managers will go overseas to visit our customers and their parks, to enlarge the business together with our customers.
5. We can invest and cooperate with our customers on their projects in the future if we have the same idea and can benefit with each other.

Welcome to BESTON if you have any interest or plan to buy the carnival equipment.

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